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3205 RC Skip Track.

3223 RC Fire & Rescue.

3231 RC Power Sweeper.

3402 Metropolitan Worker.

3715 Vehicle Lift.

3720 Piston Plant.

4211 RC Loader.

4213 Rokenbok RC Forklift with BONUS WAREHOUSE.

4245 RC Transgripper & Trailer.

4271 RC Dozer.

4273 RC Dozer w/Bonus Recycling Center.

4311 Chutes and Hoppers Builder.

4314 Power ROK Lift.

4318 Rokenbok ROK Garage
Make parking fast and fun!

4709 RC Tower Crane.
Moves large payloads up, over, and around a 360 radius!

4710 Control Pad.
Adding players adds fun! Each player needs their own Control Pad.


4721 Motorized Conveyor.

4725 Action Sorter & Conveyer.

4730 Down-A-Vator.

4740 RC Elevator.

4860 Braces & Supports.

4870 Roof & Sidewalks.

4890 Rokenbok Balls.

6224 Rokenbok RC Monorail .

6310 Monorail Track.

6323 Rail Station.

6712 Monorail Crossing.

6715 Monorail Switch.

6717 Monorail 4 Way Cross Track

10700 Customer Play Table.

30717 Nite Shift Trailer

33325 Auto Center.

34112 Rokenbok Nite Works Start Set.
Everything you need to build, drive and take control! Includes Control Center, Control Pad, RC Loader and over 152 snap-fit building pieces!


34315 Bridges & Roadways.

34317 Construction World.

34600 Chutes III.

34610 King of the ROK Competition Arena

34612 Decks II.

36320 Tower & Track.

10900 Blue Beams
Expand your world! Bag contains 24 half blue beams and 24 full blue beams.

10911 Black Beams
Expand your world! Bag contains 24 half black beams and 24 full black beams.

10913 Dark Grey Beams
Expand your world! Bag contains 24 half dark gray beams and 24 full dark gray beams.

10915 Red Blocks
Expand your world! Bag contains 72 red blocks.

10917 Blue Blocks
Expand your world! Bag contains 72 blue blocks.

10919 Risers
Expand your world! Bag contains 72 risers.

10921 C-Beams
Need a few extra C-beams for your build? Bag contains 24 half blue C-beams and 24 full C-beams.

10923 Curved Beams
Add more curves to your Rokenbok world. Bag contains 12 curved grey beams.

46315 Monorail Storage Depot.

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