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The Yo Yo
with the Brain
The world's longest spinning & only automatically returning Yo-Yo!
Our patented clutch system "Brain" makes it easier to learn all the classic Yo-Yo tricks!
Ages 8 & up; Recommended for beginner to intermediate level players.


High Performance Transaxle Yo-Yo
The Yo-Yo that "Revolutionized" yo-yo play! Yomega's Patented "Transaxle" system delivers smooth, high speed record-breaking spins.
Ages 8 & up; Recommended for intermediate to advanced players.


The Firestorm yo-yo is a high - performance yo-yo designed for maximum spin time for better and more complicated tricks. With its special patented transaxle system, the Firestorm can spin 3 times longer than average yo-yos for better and more intricate tricks!


The X-Brain is the only yo-yo that automatically comes back to you! With Yomega's patented Brain technology, this yo-yo lets you do incredible tricks easier and faster than other you-yos -- you'll be yo-yoing like a pro in no time!


Strobe Yo Yo
The STROBE-YO with its pulsating light and super long spins


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